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(35A4) Solvy vannløslig stabilisering tynn 20my 25cm x 10m


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(35A4) Solvy vannløslig stabilisering tynn 20my 25cm x 10m

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Rull på 10meter x 25cm

Stitch-by-Stitch Brilliance - Even on High-Pile Fabrics!

The softer and
bulkier the fabric, the easier stitches disappear in the material, resulting in
unsightly embroideries. With SOLVY every single stitch turns out brilliantly,
and even intricate patterns with most detailed embroideries are stitched
needle-sharp. The trick is a water-soluble foil that is placed on the fabric
prior to embroidering and then washed out without leaving any residues. Even
elastic knit fabrics and terry cloth can be embroidered with ease and precision!
SOLVY can also be used as fabric backing when both sides of the embroidery are
visible – for neat results, e.g. on scarves or towels.

Main Applications
For soft pile fabrics where highly-detailed
embroideries would disappear in the material.

For items where both fabric
sides are visible and residues of nonwovens are unwanted.
Processing Recommendations
Place SOLVY on the fabric to be embroidered. We
recommend to hoop it together with the material!

After completing the
embroidery, tear away SOLVY along the edges of the design.

Dissolve the
foil residues in water.

When working with terry cloth, use SOLVY on both
fabric sides, if needed, i.e. as topping and

If you don’t want to wash the
embroidery – wet a remnant piece of STIFFY nonwoven, place it on the embroidery
and iron it completely dry. When tearing away the nonwoven, SOLVY will be
removed without leaving any traces!
Technical Information
Water-soluble foil
made of 100% polyvinyl alcohol

Strength: 20 μ, approx.
25 g/m2

Rolls in 3 different sizes: 100 cm x
100 m, 33 cm x 100 m, 50 cm x 25 m

Dispatch and packing

Single rolls


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