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Thick, raised monograms, three-dimensional patterns – embroideries made with PUFFY will stun everyone! The embroidery design is simply satin stitched over the foam, for creating the enhanced 3D effect, giving caps, promotion wear and outerwear a completely new touch.





Processing Recommendations

Place PUFFY on the fabric to be embroidered and attach it with adhesive spray KK, if needed.

Satin stitch your design. The machine needle penetrates the foam during stitching.

A double stitch density instead of the standard setting is essential for completely covering and encasing PUFFY during stitching.

Use satin stitches, not fill stitches. The wider the satin stitch, the stronger 3D effect will be achieved! Step stitches will destroy the foam.

Choose a PUFFY colour to match the embroidery thread or base fabric.

A needle with SES point will perforate PUFFY better than needles with sharp points.

An extremely strong 3D effect can be achieved by using two layers of PUFFY on the base fabric. If needed, bond it with an adhesive spray.'



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