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KK100 - limspray 500ml økonomi

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Adhesive Spray

transparent spray glue (for temporary adhesion)
100 is flammable, non-toxic and odourless



Possible applications

stretchy fabrics and

To avoid pulling knitware out of shape, use KK 100 to
attach backing and material
KK 100 holds
appliques correctly in place for embroiering
slippery material:

KK 100 helps eliminate puckering -spray backing and attach
unfinished garments:
KK 100 holds fabrics in
place - especially suitable for pockets, collars,...

for embroidery items
which cannot or ideally should not be stretched on a frame in order to avoid
pressure marks: frame STIFFY® backing, spray it and fix fabric for embroidering


Technical Information


Adhesive: vinyl acetate-copolymer

Solvent: acetone
Propellant (aerosol):
dimethyl ether (DME)

Appearance: Transparent and clear
adhesive liquid

Acid Content: None

To neglect

Soluble Ability: In
acetone, ethyl acetate, trichlorine ethylene, perchlorine ethylene

KK 100
is non-poisonous, hardly any odour, and flammable. No heath damaging vapours
will occur.

The manufacturer has meanwhile checked the adhesive for its
content of formaldehyde with the result that less than 10 ppm have been found.
Even the strict regulations according to the ECO-Tex Standard 100 for baby
clothing only demand a value of below 20 ppm.

Thus KK100 in this respect
achieves the criteria of the ECO-Tex Standard.

spray cans of 500 ml each


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