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(36A5) Solvy Fabric - vannløselig stabilisering 50cmx25meter

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Rull 50cm bred, 25meter lengde

Stabilizer Residues? Simply Wash Them Away!

Embroideries need stability – stabilizers should, however, be invisible in a completed design. SOLVY FABRIC is the perfect stabilizer for all materials that can be washed. Simply use it as fabric backing during embroidering and dissolve it in water after finishing the design. It completely washes away. Perfect for stabilizing shirt and blouse fabrics, jersey and denim. Indispensable when working with sheer curtain fabrics and voile.

Main Applications

Any project where you don’t want stabilizer residues.

Suitable for all fabric types that can be washed.
Processing Recommendations
Back your fabric with SOLVY FABRIC and hoop it.

After Embroidering:
Remove the backing and tear away all excess SOLVY FABRIC.

The backing residues will completely wash away
during the first wash.

Dissolving Speed:
SOLVY FABRIC dissolves in cold water. The dissolving process clearly speeds up with increased water temperatures.

Dissolving Times:
20°C - approx. 3 minutes
25°C - approx. 2 minutes
30°C - approx. 1 minute
40°C - approx. 15 seconds


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