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Brother CV3440 COVERSTITCH (32A1/32B1)

På lager BRO-CV3440
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Brother CV3440 COVERSTITCH (32A1/32B1)

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Create a wide range of cover stitches on many types and weights of fabric for both decorative and constructive applications with the CV3440 cover stitch machine. The cover stitch will appear on the bottom side of the fabric while a top stitch will show on the top side of the fabric as you sew hems and add decorative stitching to your projects.


Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. Optimal for hemming on fine fabrics, tape binding and topstitching.



Responsive Image

Triple Cover Stitch

Three-needle, four-thread reinforced cover stitch. Perfect for hemming, decorative effects, elastic and durable seams for sportswear.

Responsive Image

Wide Cover Stitch

Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. Ideal for hemming, topstitching and decorative effects on T-shirts and knits.

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Narrow Cover Stitch

Two-needle, three-thread cover stitch. Optimal for hemming on fine fabrics, tape binding and topstitching.

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Chain Stitch



Form meets function across this new collection of Cover Stitch machines. Substantial workspace, 1-touch tension release, and free arm, enable an ease of working previously unavailable.

EXTRA LARGE 6.1” X 3.9” WORKSPACEWhether hemming or adding decorative stitching to sportswear, comfortably work on your projects with the substantial space to the right of the needle.

ONE‑TOUCH TENSION RELEASESimply lift the presser foot lever to release all thread tensions for easy fabric removal. Tensions remain open until you lower the presser foot again.

CHAIN STITCHINGThis cover stitch machine has the capability to make a 1 needle, 2 thread chain stitch.

FREE ARMWe’ve added a free arm to make sewing necklines, hemlines and cuffs even easier.

FAST & COOL LED LIGHTThe cool, bright LED light located near the needle is also an energy savings.


THREAD CUTTEREnjoy the built-in thread cutter for your sewing convenience and added efficiency.

EASY TRANSPORTABLE MACHINESLightweight and compact, both machines are equipped with convenient carry handles so you may take them where needed.

EASY ACCESS CONTROLSEasy access to presser foot lever, stitch length adjustment dial, differential feed dial and handwheel located on right-side.


FAST & EASY COVER SPREADER THREADINGYou'll enjoy fast and easy threading of the cover spreader for a double-sided cover stitch on the CV3550.

OPTIONAL ATTACHMENT READYComes complete with the mounting holes for using the many attachments Brother and its' competitors have available.

COLOR CODED THREADINGFollow a single colored line per thread spool, as a guide for easy threading, even with 5 spools on the CV3550.


METAL THREAD ANTENNAThe metal thread stand adds strength, and once threaded, it helps straighten the threads to prevent tangling.

PRESSER FOOT PRESURE ADJUSTEREasily adjust the pressure of your presser foot with the dial on the top of machine, above the needle.

VERTICLE NEEDLESVertical needles increase needle penetration while decreasing risk that needles may damage fabric.


Compare features of CV3440 Cover Stitch and the CV3550 Double-Sided Cover Stitch and see which is the right option for you.

  CV3440 CV3550
Large Workspace 6.1” x 3.9” 6.1” x 3.9”
One-Touch Lever Tension Release    
Free Arm    
LED Light    
Tri-Cover Stitch 6.0mm 6.0mm
Cover Stitch 3.0mm, 6.0mm 3.0mm, 6.0mm
Chain Stitch    
Double Tri-Cover Stitch   6.0mm
Double Cover Stitch   3.0mm, 6.0mm
Cover Spreader    
Types of Stitches 4 7
Stitch Width 3.0mm ‐ 6.0mm 3.0mm ‐ 6.0mm
Stitch Length 2.0mm ‐ 4.0mm 2.0mm ‐ 4.0mm
Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment    
Thread Cutter    
Metal Thread Antennae    
Verticle Needles    
Maximum Sewing Speed (Stitches Per Minute) 1,000 SPM 1,000 SPM
Ready to Use with Optional Attachments    
Differential Feed Adjustment on Righthand Side    
Stitch Length Adjustment on Righthand Side    
Color-coded Threading Guide    
Easy to Follow Lay-in Threading    
Fast and Easy Looper Threading System    
Differential Fabric Feed for Better Stitch Quality    
Instructional DVD    
Accessory Box incuding tweezers, cleaning brush, thread net, needle set, etc.  


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