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Bernina 580 symaskin m/broderimodul (39A1)

Art.nr: ber-580
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BERNINA 580: The multi-talent for sewing, embroidering and quilting

Wide selection of stitches, embroidery designs and functions

Wide selection of stitches, embroidery designs and functions

Whatever you wish to sew or embellish, the BERNINA 580 puts a wide range of stitches at your disposal. And all stitches can be sewn up to a width of 9 mm, which is particularly attractive for embellishment. In addition, 7 alphabets for sewing and 7 alphabets for embroidery are at your fingertips. What’s more, the 100 embroidery designs can be accessed in a separate embroidery mode and adapted on the touchscreen: rotating, mirroring, sizing up or down or altering the stitch pattern are quickly accomplished, thanks to the 580’s intuitive operation. Using the memory function, it’s a cinch to permanently save your customized stitches and embroidery designs.


The B 580 now includes an accessories box

All sewing tools such as presser feet, needles and bobbins can be stored in the convenient accessories box. There is even room for large presser feet, such as the buttonhole foot. The brackets for the feet are adjustable. The drawers also provide plenty of space for easy storage of smaller sewing tools. The accessories box is positioned securely on your sewing table with the retractable stand feet. The transparent doors provide a clear overview of all your sewing tools.

Intuitive operation via the high-resolution touchscreen

Intuitive operation via the high-resolution touchscreen

Unique in the 5 Series line, the BERNINA 580 boasts a large bright touchscreen affording quick access to its wide range of features and functions. Large descriptive icons ensure easy access to the desired BERNINA 580 function. The intuitive touchscreen allows for efficient operation of the BERNINA 580, making look-up in the manual unnecessary and allowing even fairly inexperienced sewers to switch quickly between the different stitches, stitch patterns, embroidery designs and functions of the BERNINA 580.

Memory function for your own creative ideas

Memory function for your own creative ideas

Thanks to the individual setting options of the BERNINA 580, stitches can be altered or combined in a wide variety of ways to suit your personal preference. With the BERNINA 580‘s intelligent memory function, these individual stitches, stitch patterns and stitch combinations remain set even after you turn off your machine, and are immediately available again the next time you turn the machine on. The generous 8MB memory provides the capacity for a large number of personal stitch combinations, letting you adapt the BERNINA 580’s library of stitches completely to your individual requirements. Impressive options that will enable and spark your creativity!

Built-in BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)

Built-in BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR)

The patented BSR is a truly special high-tech presser foot that ensures top-quality stitching when free-motion quilting. When you sew with the BSR and lowered feed dog, your stitch length remains exactly the same all the time, even if the fabric is not always fed at the same speed. The BSR compensates for inconsistency in speed, so that straight and zigzag stitches are always the exact same length. Even those who are relatively inexperienced at free-motion sewing can reliably achieve high-quality results with the BERNINA 580.

From sewing to embroidering with a single click

From sewing to embroidering with a single click

The BERNINA 580 is factory-equipped with an embroidery function and comes with the embroidery module as standard. With 100 embroidery designs already built into the BERNINA 580’s software, you’ll have immediate access to a wide range of attractive designs for ambitious embroidery projects, which you can easily and quickly select via the touchscreen.The BERNINA 580’s combination of sewing and embroidery functionality lets you bring even more variety to your sewing projects. User-friendly menu navigation gives you quick access to all the important functions.


Tekniske egenskaper:

Gripersystem: RL
Maksimal syhastighet:1000 sting/min
Friarm til høyre for nål: 190mm
Sylampe: LED
Maks stingbredde: 9 mm
Maks stinglengde: 5 mm
Nåleposisjoner, sying i alle posisjoner: 11
Helautomatisk nålitræder
Antall snelleholdere: 2
Automatisk nålitræder
Justerbart syfottrykk
Manuell trådkutter: 3
Minne: Korttids-/langtidsminne
Skape og lagre sømkombinasjoner
Start/stopp-knapp (sy uten pedal)
Over-/undertrådsensor (gir beskjed når det nærmer seg slutten på tråden)
USB for PC-tilkobling
USB for USB minnepinn
Multifunksjons dreieknapp
Endre søminnstillinger mens du syr
Fotpedal med Kickback funksjon
Nålestopp oppe/nede
Halvautomatisk nålitræder
Egen motor for undertrådspoling (kan spole mens du syr)
Hjelp på skjem
Læreprogram for sying
Læreprogram for brodering
Personlig program
Ulike språk


Totalt antall sømmer (inkl alfabet): 935
Nyttesting: 31
Knapphull: 12
Dekorsømmer: 284
Korssting: 16
Alfabet: 7
Endre mønsterlengde
Programerbar sikkerhetsfunksjon
Automatisk lengdemåling for knapphull
Automatisk knapphull
Manuelle flertrinns knapphull
Program for isying av knapp
Program for stopping
Speilevende sømmer
Mønsterslutt/ mønsterstart-funksjon


Maks broderingshastighet: 680 sting/min
Broderimotiv, innebygget: 100
Broderingsalfabet: 7
Inkludert broderienhet
Broderi-format: .EXP
Kan bruke Mega-ramme
Kan endre design på skjerm (Speilvende/rotere/skalere)
Kombinere mønster
Personlig minne for broderidesign
Standard rammer: 2
Manipulere tekst/bokstaver(Wordart)
Kutte hoppesting
Endre fargerekkefølge
Broderings tutorial
Dra og slipp funksjon

Tilbehør som følger med:

Standardfot, #1C
Overlockfot, #2A
Automatisk knapphullsfot, #3A
Glidelåsfot, #4
Blindsømsfot, #5
Jeansfot, #8
Åpen broderifot, #20C
Kneløfter (BERNINA frihåndssystem, FHS)
BERNINA rundløpsspolekapsel for broderi
Bag til broderienhet
Instruksjons cd/DVD


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