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(ib) AQUA MAGIC PLUS 30.5cm x 9.1meter rull

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(ib) AQUA MAGIC PLUS 30.5cm x 9.1meter rull

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30,5cm x 9,1meter rull

INSPIRA® Aqua Magic Plus is a fabric-like stabilizer with a thin layer of adhesive that allows you to “stick” your fabric to the stabilizer in the hoop. It is great for small items or fabrics that should not be hooped. Because INSPIRA® Aqua Magic Plus stabilizer rinses away completely, it will leave your project soft and pliable, not stiff.

Other information

Best for these applications:

• 3D appliqué, cutwork, hoop-less embroidery, decorative stitch borders.

• Light to medium weight wovens, light to medium weight knits – including “slinky” knit, batiste, organza, organdy, chiffon, tulle, netting, towels/terry cloth, minkee and polar fleece.


Directions for use:

• Cut a piece of INSPIRA® Aqua Magic Plus stabilizer large enough for the selected hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).

• Hoop stabilizer with paper side up.

• Carefully score the release paper and peel back to expose the tacky surface.

• Stick the article to be embroidered to the stabilizer with right side up.

• Embroider the design.

• When the embroidery is completed, cut away the excess stabilizer. Submerge the embroidery in warm to hot water. Move the embroidery continuously and keep submerged in the water bath for at least 10 minutes.

• Rinse thoroughly with very warm water. Repeat the process as needed until all remaining stabilizer is completely dissolved.

• Place the embroidery work on a flat surface until dry. Press with a warm iron using a pressing cloth.


Lengde9 meter

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